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Four reasons to choose us
Experienced technical team
Senior spinning machine manufacturing expert and mechanical engineer.
Excellent after-sales service
Established a good corporate image, quickly become a well-known brand in the industry.
Advanced production equipment
A full set of advanced equipment, complete detection technology.
Exported overseas, welcomed and trusted by customers
Exported to Europe, South America, Africa and Southeast Asian countries.
Quality sincere scientific and
technological innovation
Through continuous innovation and development, we strive to provide customers with diversified one-stop services
Application Field

Summer quilt, winter quilt
Summer quilt, winter quilt
Cushion and seat cushion
Cushion and seat cushion
Sleeping bag
Sleeping bag
Winter clothing
Winter clothing
About Us
Rudong Rongxin Machinery Equipment Co., LTD is set software development. Electronic technology, machinery manufacturing in one of the computer quilting machine and related equipment professional R & D and production enterprises. Quilting machine production and operation has nearly 30 years of history. CKZN series quilting machine, computer multi-needle quilting machine, opening machine, cotton box, non-woven carding machine, cross lapper and other products. China's famous clothing, bedding and mattress manufacturers all use our factory to provide a variety of models of machinery.
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In the continuous research and exploration, in the efforts of researchers, finally developed a computer controlled "quilting machine". Its birth solves the difficult problem that ordinary quilting ...
Multi-needle quilting machine has many uses, mainly quilting high-grade quilt cover, bed cover, clothing, handbags, seat covers, fabrics, home decoration and other patterns.Its characteristics are ...
In the process of using the computer quilting machine, the main parameters of sewing rate should be controlled by computer, and the quilting machine speed must be adjusted continuously according to...
How to check the performance of computer quilting machine? To ensure the performance of computerized quilting machine, choose regular quilting machine manufacturers, which have perfect after-sales ...
Quilting machine is a textile machine used for sewing linear patterns on mattresses, bedspreads, quilts and other surfaces. The quilting machine used for quilting molding can be divided into two ca...
Broken needle, jumper and thread of computer quilting machine is a headache in the quilting process. Broken needle sometimes even leads to the scrap of a quilt and increases the production and oper...
At present, the computer quilting machine has become one of the indispensable mechanical equipment in modern home textile production. Under the control of its precise computer system, the computer ...
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